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Hi! I'm Lisa Catalina, I am a costume designer in Los Angeles and the founder of Costume Lady. I've been a designer in film and TV since 2012. I've met so many talented artists, and have been lucky enough to help them tell their stories through costume design.

Breaking down scripts is a big part of my job, identifying the character and bringing them to life is what inspires designers to create. So, being in an industry where you're constantly meeting people, I began to reach out some of the actors I had worked with and offer help with upcoming auditions. Together, we would read over their audition information, identify the complexities of their character, and illustrate these elements through what they should wear while remaining authentic to themselves. By doing so, the artist was able to bring these characters to life in an effortless way.
This process was life-changing for me as a designer and after a while, it was apparent I was not the only person benefitting from this fun and unique collaborative service. That's when Costume Lady was born. 

Want to know more about me?

Browse my personal site to check me out proper.

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